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How's going on Anon. Please Follow the Rules below and


* All video's must be Categorise corectely ( Only One Catgorey Per Video ).

* Please use Tags to add additional info, Like: language,Quality,Artist,Album,Release Date,etc ( Search Uses Tags To Find Results ).

* Dont add server name in tags, their will be seprate search engine to search by servers.

* Yes +18 content is Allowed ( But Categorize it Corectely ).

* No Child Porn or any other serious shit.

* That's all for now Anon.

Additional Info:

Share to your hearts content. their is no limit on how much you can post, so go all out. Just remember limited special characters are allowed, so keep that in mind.


* Keep the Titile Short and Informative

* Add Relivant tags, they willl help improve the search results.

* You can add more then one Embed link into a video. Like Youtube,Viemo,Twitch,facebook etc.

* You can also use Our embed link to combine all your video hosts in on place.

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